Payment activity

Check the details of each payment transaction.

Payment activity page

  • Filter payments by date range during which payment was attempted.

  • Perform comprehensive search by specifying a search condition or for all data if no condition is specified.

  • Filter payments by payment status, method, PG, type, and mode.

  • Total search results by status.

  • Payment activity list that shows payment status, customer information, payment method, PG, payment amount, mode, request time, and completion time.

  • Click the right corner of a payment record in the list to copy MID, UID or cancel payment.

  • Click on a payment to view its details.

  • Click on a payment to cancel it.

  • Click on a payment to resend a webhook.

  • Total transaction amount of search results - Total sales by currency calculated based on the total refund amount.

  • Excel download of basic payment details and selected additional data including customer, PG, credit card payment, and account transfer payment information.

Calendar filter

  • Specify the start and end date/time of the payment request to search for.

    • A payment request occurs when a customer attempts to make a payment.
    • Hence, the time of refund and completion may occur outside of the specified search period.
  • You can specify the year, month, day, hour, and minute.

  • For convenience, you can quickly set the dates using the buttons for today, yesterday, past 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days.

  • You can also manually enter the dates.

  • Perform a search by specifying a filter or on all payment data.

  • Comprehensive search filters:

    • i’mport transaction number
    • Merchant transaction number
    • Credit card approval number
    • Customer name
    • Customer mobile number
    • Customer email
    • PG approval number
    • Credit card number
    • Merchant ID
    • Payment environment
    • Live account bank
    • Virtual account bank
    • Bank account number
    • Name of depositor
    • Cash receipt issuance number
    • Customer address
    • Reason for cancellation
    • Payment environment details
    • Order name
  • The search logic is specified as ‘like %value’ that returns the values that start with the specified value.

    • In the future, the order name and customer address will be changed to ‘like %value%‘.


  • You can search payments by filtering on payment status, payment method, PG, payment type, and payment mode.
    • Payment status: All, Scheduled, Completed, Cancelled (full), Cancelled (partial), Failed
    • Payment method: Payment method
    • PG: PG
    • Payment type: All, subscription, general
    • Payment mode: All, live, test

Total payments by status

  • Shows payment totals by status (all, completed, scheduled, failed, and cancelled).
    • Failed payments include partial and full cancellations.

Payment activity list

  • Payment activity list shows results from a date range, comprehensive, or data filter search.

  • The default view shows all payment data for the last 6 months.

  • The list shows the payment status, customer information, payment method, PG, payment amount, payment type, request time, and approval time.

    • Customer information includes the customer’s name, email, and phone number (displayed in order) that are specified at payment request via SDK.

    • Payment type is general, subscription, or test.

  • Request and approval times are displayed in descending order, and you can click on either value to sort based the value.

  • If you click on the the dots to the right of a payment row in the Payment activity list, you can copy the merchant transaction number (merchant_uid) and i’mport transaction number (imp_uid). You can also cancel a completed or cancelled (partial) payment.

Payment details

  • The Payment details page consists of the customer and payment information sections.

  • Customer information shows the customer’s name, phone number, e-mail, and address submitted via SDK.

  • Payment information shows:

    • Payment status

    • i’mport transaction number

    • Each payment method shows:

      • Credit card: acquirer and masked card number
      • Virtual account: account bank, account holder, account number, and time of deposit
      • Bank transfer: account bank
      • Mobile micropayment: carrier
    • Total payment amount

      • Order amount - discount amount
    • Order amount

    • List price (VAT)

    • Paid with points

      • Paid with points refers to the points rewarded by simple payment companies and PGs.
    • Discount amount

      • Value retrieved from PG’s message. Note that the availability of this data varies by PG.
    • Credit card approval number

    • Merchant ID

    • PG

    • PG approval number

      • Payment ID assigned by the PG.
    • Payment environment

      • Parsed device and web/app environment information

Payment cancellation

  • You can cancel a payment from the Payment details page of a completed or partially cancelled payment.

  • The default setting is full refund. If you want a partial refund, you can directly edit the refund amount or click Partial refund to edit and then click Cancel Payment at the bottom to finish.

  • When you cancel a payment, the reason for cancellation is saved and sent to i’mport and PG.

  • If a payment to cancel includes tax-free amount, you can specify this amount in the provided input field.

  • When you cancel from the Admin console, a webhook is sent to the merchant’s database for status update.

  • For virtual accounts, you can additionally enter the following refund account information:

    • Refund account bank
    • Refund bank account number
    • Refund account holder

Resend webhook