Apply for online payment

How to apply

Use the upper lefter menu in the Admin console to apply for the desired payment methods and the PG that supports them.

Get started

  • Create an iโ€™mport account and then go to the Online Payment Application page.

  • Click Integration Test to go to the Payment Integration page.

  • Click Start to go to the payment method application page.

  • Click Check for Existing Contracts (upper right menu) to open the Channel Talk.

    • In the Channel Talk, inquire about any existing contracts linked with the merchant business number or PG that is in contract with the business number.
  • Click Online Payment Application Process (upper right menu) to view information about the online payment application process.

Select payment methods

  • Select payment methods under the general, simple, and other (identity verification) categories.
  • After selecting the payment methods, click Done to go to the Edit PG page.
  • For information about the PGs and payment methods supported by iโ€™mport, refer to

Edit PG

  • In the Edit PG & Payment Type page, you can edit the PG that supports the previously selected payment method.

  • Click View All to open the PGs/payment methods supported by i'mport page.

  • In the Add Payment Type section, you can choose between subscription payment and key-in payment.

  • When you click Done:

    • If you have not entered your business information yet, page will redirect to the Business Information page.

    • If you have already entered your business information, page will redirect to the Online Payment Application Status page.

Enter business information

  • Enter the representative, contact, service information, and upload the business registration certificate.

  • After uploading the business registration certificate, the information is automatically updated via OCR technology. Check the accuracy of and correct the information if needed before proceeding to the next step.

  • After doing a final check, click Finish to go to the Application Details page.

Application details

  • You can check the PG application details for each payment method.

    • The application progress, from the receipt of the application to the signing of the contract between PG and merchant, is automatically updated.
  • Application cancellation is only available before the application is received by PG.

  • Click Go to integration to go to the integration page for the requested payment method.

  • Click Add online payment -> to go to the Select payment methods page displayed based on the merchantโ€™s business information.