i'mport API overview

Get an overview of the i'mport API.

Learn how to configure HTTP header in iโ€™mport API call.

  1. Call /users/getToken with API Key & API secret to get an access_token.

  2. In the API call, include the access_token as Authorization:access_token or X-ImpTokenHeader:access_token in the HTTP header.


API Content-Type supported in iโ€™mport is:


Agency Merchant

Sub-merchants must specify the following in the HTTP Header and use the Agent accountโ€™s API key and Secret to call the iโ€™mport API.

  • "Tier" : "Tier code(Sub-merchant Tier Code)โ€

API specification

To check the detailed specification for iโ€™mport API response, select the HTTP Status 200 response as shown below.

Sample response
Sample response

API Swagger site

iโ€™mport supports the Swagger API Specification.