Virtual account refund

Request a refund for a virtual account payment.

For a virtual account refund, you must sign up for the virtual account special service provided by each PG.

Why do you need to sign up for a virtual account special service?

Unlike credit cards, fees for payment/refund are not subject to refund for virtual account refund. For example, for a 10,000 won payment, the merchant:

  • receives 9700 won (10,000 won - virtual account issuance fee of 300 won) from the PG at the time of payment.
  • pays 10,300 won (10,000 won to be refunded + 300 won remittance fee for the refund account) to the PG company when the payment is refunded.

To prevent confusion that may arise regarding fees for virtual account refund, PGs provide virtual account refunds only to merchants who are signed up for the virtual account special service.

Since a virtual account transaction involves a one-way payment method, the target account for refund is unknown. Hence, you must specify the following refund account information in addition to the refund amount.

  • refund_holder: Refund account holderโ€™s name
  • refund_account: Refund account number
  • refund_bank: Refund account bank code

Note - Virtual account bank codes by PG

Since the virtual account bank code varies by PG even for the same bank, be sure to check the Bank codes by PG list.

The following example requests for a virtual account refund.

/* ... Omitted ... */"/payments/cancel", async (req, res, next) => { try { /* Get access token */ /* ... Omitted ... */ /* Get payment information */ const { body } = req; const { merchant_uid, reason, cancel_request_amount, refund_holder, refund_bank, refund_account, } = body; // Order ID from the client, reason for refund, refund amount, virtual accoun info (account holder, account number, bank code Payments.find({ merchant_uid }, async function (err, payment) { /* ... Omitted ... */ const paymentData = payment[0]; // Save payment information const { imp_uid, amount, cancel_amount } = paymentData; // Get imp_uid, amount(paid amount), cancel_amount(total refund amount) from payment information const cancelableAmount = amount - cancel_amount; // Refundable amount (= paid amount - total refund amount) if (cancelableAmount <= 0) { // If refundable amount is 0 return res .status(400) .json({ message: "This order has already been fully refunded." }); } /* Call i'mport REST API to request refund */ const getCancelData = await axios({ url: "", method: "post", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", Authorization: access_token, // Access token from i'mport server }, data: { reason, // Reason for refund from client imp_uid, // Unique key for refund amount: cancel_request_amount, // Requested refund amount checksum: cancelableAmount, // [Recommended] refundable amount refund_holder, // [required when refunding virtual account payment] refund account holder's name refund_bank, // [required for virtual account refund] refund account bank code (e.g. Shinhan Bank is 88 for KG Inicis) refund_account, // [required for virtual account refund] refund account number }, }); const { response } =; // Refund result /* Save refund result */ }); } catch (error) { res.status(400).send(error); } });

If the virtual account refund request is successful, the refund amount will be deposited (from PG) into the specified refund account normally in about one working day.

Virtual account refund flow
Virtual account refund flow