2. Request verification

Call the credit card identity verification window.

The credit card identity verification window can be invoked in the following two modes:

Popup (Default)

Opens the identity verification popup window. When verification is complete, post-processing is performed through the callback function specified as the second argument of IMP.certification.

Redirection (applicable in mobile environment only)

Redirects to the identity verification page by setting param.popup to false(default) in a mobile environment. When verification is complete, the page is redirected back to the URL specified by param.m_redirect_url.

To use the popup (default) mode, set param.popup to true.

In environments where popups are blocked, such as WebView, it is recommended to set popup to false.

The following example calls the JavaScript SDK IMP.certification function to open the credit card identity verification window.

// Call IMP.certification(param, callback) IMP.certification( { // param merchant_uid: "ORD20180131-0000011", // Order ID m_redirect_url: "{Redirect URL}", // Required when popup:false in mobile, Example: popup: false, // Always set to true in PC }, function (rsp) { // callback if (rsp.success) { // When verification is successful, } else { // When verification fails, } }, );