Agency & Tier

Learn how to set up a main merchant and its sub-merchants.

You can use the iโ€™mport Agent service to set up PGs for sub-merchants (manage sub-merchants) with a single account.

If you apply for and register multiple sub-merchant codes (Tier codes) with the master account, you can register merchant information and view (cancel) payment details for each sub-merchant.

(You can assign a 3-digit ID and a name for each sub-merchant)

To get access to this service, send your ChaiPort email account to the following:

Using Agent service

Through iโ€™mport Agent service, you can manage merchants more conveniently and efficiently.

You can try out the sub-merchant settings and look up payment history with the demo Agent ID.

<Key Features>

1. PG settings for sub-merchant

  • You can add or delete sub-merchants, and set PG MID and manage PGs for sub-merchants.
Sub-merchant PG settings page
Sub-merchant PG settings page
Sub-merchant PG settings page
Sub-merchant PG settings page
Add sub-merchant code window
Add sub-merchant code window

2. View/cancel payments

  • View/cancel payment activities of all sub-merchants that you manage.
Sample view of sub-merchant payment history
Sample view of sub-merchant payment history

Calling sub-merchantโ€™s payment window

When requesting payment for each sub-merchant, you can specify the target Tier with the JavaScript SDK. ID, 3-digit Tier (unique) code)

Example:'imp12345678', '001')

Calling REST API

When calling the REST API, you must include the Tier information in the header to request payment for the corresponding sub-merchant.

Include the following parameter in the HTTP header.

"Tier" : "3-digit Tier code"