Non-authenticated payment

Learn how to obtain a billing key with the credit card information and integrate immediate/subscription payments.

What is a non-authenticated payment?

Non-authenticated payment refers to a payment method that pre-registers the credit card information and requests a payment on the card without payerโ€™s authentication.

Although non-authenticated payments provides a simple way of making a payment without the payerโ€™s authentication, proceeding without payer authentication increases the likelihood of security issues during service operation. Hence, there are stringent requirements for applying to use a PG for non-authenticated payments.

1. Billing key payment

Making โ€œrecurringโ€ payments using pre-registered payment information

For Netflix or Apple Music subscription service, use this method to automatically make monthly payments after entering the credit card information for the first month.

2. Key-in payment

Making payments by entering the credit card information without payer authentication (one-time payment)

Key-in (manual input) payment is where a payment is processed without going through an authentication step by simply entering the credit card information. Since this is a one-time payment process and card information is not stored, you must enter your card information every time you make a payment.