Get payments by billing key API

Gets payments made with the specified billing key.

GET https:/{customer_uid}/payments

Gets payments made with the specified billing key.




Billing key



Paging page

Start from 1


200: OK

code * integer

Response code

0: success, Not 0: check the message

message * string

Response message

A non-zero code includes a message like โ€˜Invalid payment infoโ€™.

response (Array[PaymentAnnotation], optional)

imp_uid * string

iโ€™mport payment transaction UID

merchant_uid * string

Order ID

pay_method * string

Payment method code

channel * string

Payment environment code

  • pc: (authenticated) PC
  • mobile: (authenticated) mobile
  • api: recurring or non-authenticated

pg_provider * string

PG code

emb_pg_provider * string

Hub-type PG code

pg_tid * string

PG transaction ID

pg_id * string


escrow boolean

Indicates an escrow payment

apply_num string

Credit card approval number

bank_code string

Bank code

bank_name string

Bank name

card_code string

Credit card code (KFTC Credit Card Codes: link )

card_name string

Credit card name

card_quota integer

Number of installments (0 means one-off)

card_number string

Masked credit card number

card_type string

Credit card type code

  • 0: credit
  • 1: check

vbank_code string

Virtual account bank code (refer to image below)

vbank_name string

Refund virtual account

vbank_holder string

Refund virtual account holder

vbank_date string

Refund virtual account expiration (UNIX timestamp)

vbank_issued_at string

Refund virtual account created at (UNIX timestamp)

name string

Product name

amount * integer

Order (payment) amount

cancel_amount integer

Cancelled amount

currency string


  • USD
  • KRW
  • EUR

buyer_name string

Customer name

buyer_email string

Customer email

buyer_tel string

Customer phone

buyer_addr string

Customer address

buyer_postcode string

Customer zip code

custom_data string

echo data as JSON string

user_agent string

UserAgent of the device where payment is initiated

status * string

Payment status code

  • ready
  • paid
  • cancelled
  • failed

started_at * string

Payment started at (UNIX timestamp)

paid_at * string

Payment completed at (UNIX timestamp)

failed_at * string

Payment failed at (UNIX timestamp)

cancelled_at * string

Payment cancelled at (UNIX timestamp)

fail_reason string

Reason for failure

cancel_reason string

Reason for cancellation

receipt_url string

Credit card receipt URL

cash_receipt_issued boolean

Option to automatically issue cash receipt

customer_uid string

customer_uid related to the payment transaction

customer_uid_usage string

customer_uid use code

  • payment.scheduled: scheduled payment
  • payment: payment
  • issue: billing key issuance

cancel_history (Array[PaymentCancelAnnotation], optional):

Cancellation/partial cancellation history

cancel_history array []

pg_tid * string

PG cancellation transaction ID

amount * integer

Cancelled amount

cancelled_at * string

Cancelled at (UNIX timestamp)

reason * string(256)

Reason for cancellation

receipt_url * string(300)

Cancellation receipt URL. Availability varies by PG.

401: Unauthorized
Missing or invalid access token
  // Response
404: Not Found
Invalid customer_uid
  // Response

Response Model Schema

  "code": 0,
  "message": "string",
  "response": {
    "total": 0,
    "previous": 0,
    "next": 0,
    "list": [
        "imp_uid": "string",
        "merchant_uid": "string",
        "pay_method": "string",
        "channel": "pc",
        "pg_provider": "string",
        "emb_pg_provider": "string",
        "pg_tid": "string",
        "pg_id": "string",
        "escrow": true,
        "apply_num": "string",
        "bank_code": "string",
        "bank_name": "string",
        "card_code": "string",
        "card_name": "string",
        "card_quota": 0,
        "card_number": "string",
        "card_type": "null",
        "vbank_code": "string",
        "vbank_name": "string",
        "vbank_num": "string",
        "vbank_holder": "string",
        "vbank_date": 0,
        "vbank_issued_at": 0,
        "name": "string",
        "amount": 0,
        "cancel_amount": 0,
        "currency": "string",
        "buyer_name": "string",
        "buyer_email": "string",
        "buyer_tel": "string",
        "buyer_addr": "string",
        "buyer_postcode": "string",
        "custom_data": "string",
        "user_agent": "string",
        "status": "ready",
        "started_at": 0,
        "paid_at": 0,
        "failed_at": 0,
        "cancelled_at": 0,
        "fail_reason": "string",
        "cancel_reason": "string",
        "receipt_url": "string",
        "cancel_history": [
            "pg_tid": "string",
            "amount": 0,
            "cancelled_at": 0,
            "reason": "string",
            "receipt_url": "string"
        "cancel_receipt_urls": ["string"],
        "cash_receipt_issued": true,
        "customer_uid": "string",
        "customer_uid_usage": "issue"