Request billing key payment

Request a non-authenticated payment request with the credit card information.

Non-authenticated payment using a billing key

What is a billing key?

A billing key is an encryption key that can be used to make a payment at a desired time, such as subscriptions and Pay-As-You-Go payments. Since a merchant cannot store the customerโ€™s card information, it can get the cardโ€™s billing key from the card company, store and use it to make payments.

Depending on the PG, the billing key can be issued using the following two methods:

Use iโ€™mport REST API to get a billing key and use it to make a payment request.

  • NICE Payments
  • KCP
  • SettleBank
  • DaouData
  • Paymentwall
PG window

2. Payment using card info (key-in payment)

Upon pre-agreement with a PG, you can request a one-time payment using the credit card information. This method requests payment by submitting card information each time. It is usually used by some merchants to avoid the hassle of authenticated payments or call centers that obtain card information from customers via ARS to make a payment. Recently, as more merchants are using a simple payment method for authenticated payments, the use of key-in method is declining due to the inconvenience of having to enter the card information every time.

ChaiPort merchant "Ringle English Education"
ChaiPort merchant "Ringle English Education"

An agreement with the PG is required to use key-in payment.

PGs that support key-in payment

  • NICE Payments
  • SettleBank
  • DaouData