Frequently asked questions from merchants.

Webhook call rules

  • Webhook is only sent once by default.

  • You can set to resend (retry) the webhook up to 5 times in 1 minute increments. iโ€™mport will stop sending the webhook once the merchant responds with HTTP STATUS 200.

  • You can also manually resend the webhook from the Admin console. (Payment approvals -> Webhook log -> Resend)

  • If you change the webhook address, webhooks for past transactions are sent to the previous webhook URL.

Provision of comprehensive response code list

The error code and message in the payment response are the same as those sent by the source (PG). There is no comprehensive error code list because the response codes and messages differ by each PG linked with iโ€™mport.

How to distinguish between production account and developer account

Single account for both production and test modes

Enter the merchant information for testing by clicking โ€˜Add PGโ€™ from existing settings.

  • Pros: Can use the same Merchant ID and API key/secret for testing.
  • Cons: Care needs to be taken in setting/saving PGs because the settings are shared with the production account.


To request payment with a specific Merchant ID for the same PG, you must specify the pg parameter as PG. Merchant ID.

Create a separate test-only account

You can create a developer account by signing up in the iโ€™mport Admin page (

  • Pros: Enables stable testing by using separate accounts for production and development.
  • Cons: Requires source code branching due to having different Merchant ID and API key/secret for each account.

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